Friday, March 16, 2012

"Feeling Good"

I very frequently receive a magazine called "Feel Good", in it, you will find all kinds of things to help you become healthier; all kinds of items to improve your body and mind and feel good.  As I saw it arriving in the mail today, a questions came to mind:  "what about the spirit?"  It was then that the Lord spoke to my heart saying:  "your spiritual well being is not acquired through a book, it is only found in THE BOOK.

Through this blog I would like to help you trust as you learn about THAT BOOK.  This book has a way of making you leave your burden on Him.  Rest assured that you will never feel lonely, sad, depressed or insecure, in other words, feel bad, once you come to Him.  "Come to me those who are tired or heavy burden and I will give you rest", says The Book.  That Book will guide you to the place where He will be your shepherd and will never allow you to lack for anything.

The Book that I am talking about is the Word of God, that Word that was, is and will be lamp onto your feet and light on your way. 

I believe that the only thing that will make you "feel good" is trusting the God that wrote the Book we call Bible.  In it, you find words to give you peace in the midst of  the storms of life with words as:  "I will never leave you nor forsake you", "Be still and know that I am God", "Even if your mother and father leave you I will never leave you nor forsake you".

It is through The Book, the Bible, I found solace as I was diagnosed with leukemia nineteen years ago and was healed; I found peace as my mother went to be with the Lord; because the words in that Bible told me that those who die in Him will live eternally.  I grew in faith as the word told me when the world entered into a recession, those who believe are not part of this world, but of the Kingdom of the Almighty God, and while others were losing their homes, ours was safe.  The word in the Book, the Bible, teach you faith, trust and confidence. 

Yes, feeling good  is possible, but not in our own strength or understanding, feeling good is possible when God is in control of your life through the knowledge and understanding of His word in THE BOOK.