Sunday, June 17, 2012

"It's Never Too Late"

It was the year 1990, I was a relatively new pastor eager to build the Kingdom. I was invited to a pastor's retreat, once there, during my first lunch time, a young woman holding a baby asked me if I wanted to go to Cuba. Well, it had been 22 years since I had left my country. Three months later I was preaching at Guanabacoa United Methodist Church, Habana, Cuba. Right in the midst of my message, the Lord gave me a vision; I saw my dad dressed as an army soldier standing at the door of the church. I had been asking the Lord what he wanted me to do in Cuba, I did not feel I had anything to do in that country. I was never closed to my family and they were all communists anyways, including my father. It was not until the moment I had the vision with my dad that I realized two things: 1. The Lord had brought me back to preach the Gospel to my dad (a santero) and 2. I was brought back because I needed to forgive my father for abandoning my mom, my sister and I when I was just 5 years old. That Sunday, as I was preaching, a man stood at the church's door, dressed as a soldier and when I was able to see his face, it was my father. As I made the altar call, he came forth and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. We hugged and asked each other for forgiveness. That day the church was serving communion, as my dad came to partake and the pastor told me to serve him, it was the first and last time we saw each other after so many years because my dad passed away right after dad, but the beauty of it is that he went with the Lord and I will see him again. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE to forgive and be forgiven,for it might be the last time you see the person in this earth, and how wonderful it is to know that not only are you healed, but the person gets to know the God you serve. Think of who you need to forgive today, who knows? It might be the person closest to your heart and isn't that the way God works?

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