Monday, October 8, 2012


"Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample."  Philippians 3:17

"For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength." 4:13

Thinking carefully about THINGS, there is a virtue that characterizes those who reach goals in life.  It is a common denominator if we could call it that.  PERSEVERANCE.  This is a virtue that resides only in those who have known and experienced in a real way the Presence of God.  In my last worship Cd, I sing a song called "In his Presence" and it talks about living in his presence not just entering his presence. 

The Bible says "Those who persevere until the end will find salvation..."  Jesus is talking here about ETERNITY, however, through this text I am reminded of the text in which Elisha, the protégé, the son of the Prophet Elijah, asked him for double portion of his spirit; it took perseverance for him to acquire that which he desired. 

Perseverance is a virtue that offer us victory at the end of the tunnel.  The snail might not get there as quick as the eagle, but the great thing is that he will not stop until he gets there!

Just so that your faith is stimulated and you can attain your goals for 2013, read the testimony of someone who preceded us.  

Was born in 1809 in a small hut made of rustic wood in a farm area, February 12 in Kentucky.  1816 his family was forced to leave their home, and at age 7 he has to go to work to help with house expenses.  1818 only two years later his mother died.  1831 He failed in every business that he started.  1832 ran for State Legislator and lost.  Lost his job and was rejected as he tried to enter Law School.  1833 asked for a loan to begin yet another business, he failed and spent 17 years of his life paying the money back.  1834 tried to run for State Legislator and won.  1835 got engaged to get married and a little later his fiancé died. 1836 had a nerves brake down and was in bed for six months.  1838 ran for President of the State Chamber and once more lost.  1840 ran for Governor and lost.  1843 ran for Congress and won.  1848  ran for re-election of Congress and lost again. 1849 ran for State Official and was rejected.  1854 ran for Senator and lost.  1856  Sought the nomination for the Vice Presidency of the United States and had a ridiculous amount of 100 votes.  1860  Finally was able to get nominated for the Presidency of the United States and was elected.

Today this man is one of the most remembered and loved presidents in the History of this country.  His name is Abraham Lincoln.

So you see?  It is not how you get to the top of your dreams or how many obstacles you had to overcome; it is whether you had enough stamina and faith to persevere until the end. 

As I always say, it is not going through the storm of life, it is leaning to dance in the rain.

"God of glory and God of love, help us to stay on course and not weaken in the process of arriving to the place that you have destined for us.  Allow for us to be strong and of good courage, to have enough faith to say as the song Marvin Saap sings: " I NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE IT, NEVER COULD HAVE MADE IT  WITHOUT YOU"

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