Friday, September 7, 2012

The Old Ship of Zion

My Son Alex Garcia is an actor, and he has been asked to play a preacher in a play entitled the Old Ship of Zion, as I read the script I was drawn into the scene of this preacher guiding his congregation to leave the old way of life and be determined to get on the ship to Zion.

The sermon with which the Pastor ends this play was so very moving that I felt led to share it with you, my readers, who knows?  you might even be as motivated as I was to search more, to seek more, to find that ship and hop on it on its way to Zion.

The Reverend asked the congregation what the name of the church was, to which all answer "The Old Ship of Zion" and the message begins, the part that was most moving and impacting to me was when the Reverend says:  "The Old Ship of Zion is actually the mode of transportation that will get you from spiritual death to an everlasting spiritual life whenever you are ready to get on board!  You see in this life, if you get cut, you gon bleed.  If you get tripped up, you gon fall down.  If somebody drops you in the middle of the ocean, you gon fall drown.  Ain't nothing you can do about thast.  But if you opt for the eternal life, see... there is a ship".


Reading this entire play made me think:  "My God, my God, my God, I want to get on that ship", do not allow for me to go astraight, let me keep on looking into your eyes and being guided by you, so that I don't miss the ship because of distractions on my pilgrimage".

Be ready and the ship is waiting for you.

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